Hemp Apparel & Fashion Items for Your Brand

Hemp Jackets

Hemp jackets are a great item to purchase for the spring. Hemp is a natural fiber which means it holds heat well, so a 100% hemp jacket can provide enough warmth for you to layer underneath. Hemp is breathable and also naturally anti-microbial, so it will not smell musty after wearing between multiple times. Buying Hemp clothing is a great way to support the sustainable hemp clothing industry.

Hemp jackets usually range in price from $120 to $250. Hemp is a durable material so Hemp jackets will be more long-lasting than cotton or synthetic materials.

DEIONESCU Denim Jackets stand out due to their design and their commitment to 100% hemp fabric. They come in a number of colors and also have a variety of styles including military and safari styles.

Hemp Jeans

Hemp jeans are a great choice for workwear. Hemp is a very durable material which means hemp jeans will last you a long time before they wear out. Hemp also repels dirt, so you won’t have to worry about looking shabby or smelling bad after wearing your hemp pants all day at work! Compared to denim, Hemp does not stretch, which means Hemp jeans will keep their original fit. Hemp pants are available in a variety of washes and colors. Once again Hemp is the most sustainable choice because Hemp does not require pesticides or chemicals to grow, unlike cotton.

Hemp Trousers from DEIONESCU

Hemp Hoodies

Hemp hoodies are an extremely comfortable item. Soft, comfy, and will last forever! The pullover hoodie from Enviro Textile is a classic item that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Hemp Hoodies are great for layering or wearing on their own. Hemp also repels odors, so even if you wear your hemp hoodie multiple days in a row it won’t get stinky. Hemp is extremely durable which means Hemp hoodies will last many years with proper care. Another benefit to organic hemp hoodies is that they are blended with organic cotton, so you get the benefits of both! Utilizing organic hemp and organic cotton together create this incredibly soft blend of textiles.

Hemp sweatshirts are an excellent choice to purchase when you want to purchase sustainable clothing that will last you a lifetime.

Hemp Shirts

Hemp shirts are the perfect base layer or tee shirt to keep you feeling good all day long. Hemp is anti-microbial, breathable, durable, and fire retardant. Hemp shirts are also a sustainable choice because hemp does not require pesticides or chemicals to grow. You can feel good knowing that when you wear a hemp shirt, you’re supporting the sustainable fashion industry.

Hemp Tote Bags

Industrial Hemp Tote Bags are the strongest, most durable grocery shopping bag on the planet. The bags are made from 100% organic materials, which means they are compostable so you can return it back to the earth when you are done using it. Having a tote bag is a great product for brands to offer their customers because they are so functional. Hemp totes are ideal for any brand looking to incorporate Hemp apparel into its line.