Optimal foot climate

Hemp socks maintain an optimal temperature for the foot. During summers to avoid too much sweating the material and fabric of the socks plays an important role. Hemp is a breathable fabric and also it absorbs a lot of sweat but unlike cotton, it quickly dissipates the sweat thereby making the stockings dry and comfortable again. It also prevents the pungent smell of the normal if the stockings.

Robust and durable

The Hemp socks are very robust and they are long-lasting.  They can be washed in the washing machine at up to 50 degrees without getting tore.  They can also be dried quickly using an extremely powerful dryer without the fear of any damage.

High durability and easy to maintain

The Hem socks are highly durable in nature. Whether you wear it while playing games or you wear it to a party it’s very durable and comfortable. The greatest advantage of Hemp socks are that they are very easy to maintain. They can be washed and dried very easily without getting tore.

Perfect for allergy sufferers

During the cultivation of Hemp plants, no toxic chemical fertiliser is used therefore the textile is very non-toxic and is perfect for someone who suffers from an allergy.

Environment friendly and low energy balance

The hemp socks are long-lasting and moreover, they can be easily decomposed after their getting old. Unlike polyester socks that take years to decompose Hemp socks are decomposed within months.

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