Ethically better

The cheap plastic clothes are prepared in factories that have terrible working conditions. The work is mostly carried out by women who are underpaid and overworked. Also the workers working in these factories are always exposed to carcinogenic chemicals that are very harmful for humans. On the other hand, Hemp is grown in a much safer and cleaner environment and the safety conditions for workers are taken care of.


In today’s world, most of the diseases are caused by different types of bacterias and pathogens. It has been shown in studies that Hemp has many anti-bacterial properties and therefore it reduces the risk of diseases caused by bacteria and pathogens.


The greatest advantage of Hemp is the degree of comfort that it offers. Hemp does not hold moisture and it is mold resistant.  It is perfect for both summer and winter as the fabric keeps you cool in summer and protects you from the cold in winter.

Environmentally friendly

Hemp does not require any pesticide and unnatural fertilisers for its growth. Also, hemp requires less amount of water than cotton to grow.  The plant takes about three months to grow and during that period of time, it withdraws carbon dioxide and releases oxygen and also its roots restore the soil.


Hemp is stronger than cotton and therefore it lasts longer than cotton. Also, hemp takes very less time to decompose as compared to Polyester which takes years to decompose.


Hemp clothes are made from incredibly fine fibers and are at par with cotton in terms of quality and comfort. Hemp gets softer after every wash.

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