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  • How you got into doing this:
  • I have been involved with producing apparel since I was 16 years old. I started selling screen printed tee shirts in high school and continued to create apparel in college while I attended the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, MN. Tee shirts were my breakthrough into entrepreneurship. After graduating from Saint Thomas, I invested into a small team of entrepreneurs who were developing the company JuiceBot, a raw, healthy, juice vending machine that dispensed raw cold pressed juice at the touch of a button. It was through this experience where I gained a deeper understanding of organic, sustainable products.   
  • After leaving the Los Angeles based startup, I shifted my focus to the industrial hemp industry where I gained understanding of the benefits of the industrial hemp plant and the new legalization of CBD. I soon realized that I could reincorporate my passion for apparel while utilizing my enhanced mindset and understanding of how important organic, sustainable products are for our world, our bodies, and our land.
  • In 2019, I began immersing myself in the Minnesota industrial hemp industry. I attended events, volunteered, and gained as much knowledge as I could surrounding industrial hemp and its diverse number of applications. I started buying hemp products for myself and others to use and started to begin the sourcing process of quality hemp fiber textile products. Through my networking in the industry, I made deeper connections.
  • Transparency in your supply chain
  • OG Hemp Goods only sources organic hemp fiber products with transparent supply chains. Our tees and hoodies are manufactured by Enviro Textile, a female led natural fiber company who are pioneers in the industry and are the fifth generation in their family to work with natural fibers. Summer and Barbara have been developing America’s access to hemp fiber for nearly 30 years, since it has been legal to import hemp fiber. We feel confident importing these garments from China because they put the garments through a strict certification process that includes:
    • ISO 9001
  • Our manufacturing partner has developed the highest level of certification that ensures the factory producing the materials operates out of an ISO 9001:2015 facility, using organic fibers that are produced in a closed loop water facility. The dyes, plastic, and the bleach used are all as low-impact as possible on the environment.
  • Your product attributes, what’s so great about it
    • Hemp is better than cotton every step of the way, from the fields where it’s grown, to the factories where it is made with less water, and then when it’s on our customer’s bodies. Hemp requires less water to wash and dry, the quick drying fibers create a breathable fabric that is anti-microbial, and anti-odor! These unique characteristics differentiate it from cotton, but did you know hemp is up to 6x stronger than cotton? Hemp is a fiber intended to last a lifetime, our garments get softer with every wash, keeping that, “feels new feeling” every time you put it on. Also, they are bio-degradable, so at the end of it’s product lifecycle it can be composted and returned to the earth.  
  • Suggested ways for use, i.e. Buy and sell in store, brand your store on company shirts, etc.
  • We recently became a top seller on Faire Market, this is our preferred sales channel for boutiques and co-ops seeking to outfit their employees with certified organic industrial hemp and cotton tee shirts or hoodies. We also believe that your customers would be interested in purchasing, “Hempy Feet” socks, hats, and tote bags. These are all available via Faire Market.
  • We also offer custom water-based ink screen printing out of Apple Valley, MN. Using water-based inks is an eco-friendlier option for printing onto organic garments, it also allows for unlimited colors using their PRISM INK technology (great for PRIDE events in the future!)

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