OG Hemp Goods launches Sustainable Hemp Clothing

OG Hemp Goods uses a natural and mechanical process to create sustainable hemp apparel, which maximizes the amazing plant properties of industrial hemp fiber. Industrial hemp fiber is a different variety of cannabis than the hemp plants used to grow CBD. These plants grow up to sixteen feet ball and the fibers used from the plant come from the outer bast fiber.

Sustainable Hemp grows without the need of harmful herbicides and pesticides; hemp for fiber is planted in dense crop formations that prevent sunlight from penetrating. This prevents weed growth by 95% and eliminates the need for herbicides. No pesticides are used in the growing process due to the inherent properties contained in the plant itself. 

OG Hemp Good’s line of eco-hemp basics are not only soft but breathable too, as they wick moisture from your skin and the natural fiber is lightweight and dries quickly. Industrial hemp clothing has a high tensile strength that is stronger than cotton or synthetic products. Hemp fiber is stronger because it’s longer. Not only does this mean you can wear OG Hemp Goods for years, it will hold up and stay looking like new every time you put it on.

Quality Hemp Apparel

Not only is hemp stronger than cotton, but its fibers are also much longer. This means we can use sustainable materials to produce hemp fabric that has a higher level of durability and strength because they will last longer in the sun without wearing out first!

OG Hemp Goods organic cotton and hemp clothing products are created by pioneers, Barbara Philiponne and Summer Star Haeske, in the natural fibers industry who have traveled the world developing organic hemp sweatshirts from natural fibers that have been growing around the world for thousands of years. Barbara and Summer have been creating standards, and achieving many certifications along the way.

The natural and mechanical process that is used to create wholesale hemp apparel that provides performance, durability, and protection for all of your needs while taking care to not harm Mother Earth.

Hemp Wholesale Apparel

We work with manufacturers who have been producing eco-friendly fiber, yarns, fabrics and fashion for five generations. The material we use in our garments is processed naturally and mechanically while still retaining the organic benefits of plants that exist inside the products we create. There’s really only one way to grow true industrial hemp – the Enviro way, by leaving a very small environmental footprint possible through principles of environmental protection, fair trade practices as well as corporate responsibility.

We do this so that the organic benefits from the plant remain within the fibers and exist inside the products we create for you. 

Shop on Faire Market

We believe that we can compete with fashion brands that are using recycled materials i.e. recycled polyester, that have less of a negative impact on the planet because we are using a natural and mechanical process to produce hemp t shirts for men and women, along with our collection of hemp hoodies.

You can shop hemp clothing wholesale including our best selling organic men’s hoodies, ladies zip up hoodies , and all the varieties of organic hemp hoodies via our Faire Market page. By offering sustainable fashion to boutique stores and businesses we can begin having a positive environmental impact in an industry that struggles with sustainability.

Hemp Pullover Hoodie

OG Hemp Hoodies are made from an organic hemp fleece blend of 55% industrial hemp and 45% cotton. This, combined with the fact that it’s available in four different colors including natural, black, green, and purple makes for a perfect product to show off your personality! The pullover hoodie is available in Small through XXXL.

Ladies Hemp Zip Up

Our OG Hemp ladies zip up hoodie is created using true naturally processed hemp fiber and organic cotton. This blend allows you to get the durable benefits of industrial hemp and the softness that you get from organic cotton hoodies. When blended with cotton, hemp is surprisingly soft and wears in without wearing out. These hoodies can last a lifetime and provide protection against the sun. This more shapelier cut zip-up hoodie comes in XS up to XL. 

Men’s Hemp Hoodie

Our pullover hemp hoodies are made with an 11.6 oz Hemp Fleece using a 55% Certified Organic Hemp and 45% Certified Organic Cotton blended fabric. This material is breathable, durable, fire retardant, and quick drying. Industrial hemp offers UV-A + UV-B ray protection that provides SPF-15 protection against the sun. It’s an incredible product that you can wear year round because it wicks moisture away from your body.

Did you know?

Industrial hemp fiber is also fire retardant and provides you protection from UV-A and UV-B rays (SPF-15) so you can have fun in the sun, even when it gets hot!

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