Hemp Textile Education Post

The hemp fibers that we use are 8-18 inches long while the cotton fibers that we use are 2-3 inches long. This makes a difference when it comes to the strength of the fiber. 

Hemp Goods Distribution works with pioneers in the industry who have developed hemp and hemp blend textiles. Our partners are industry leaders when it comes to corporate responsibility and transparency in the manufacturing process. 

Hemp is one of the best fabrics you can wear on your body. It’s naturally odor resistant and it’s strength will allow you to hold onto the pieces for years

You can pass hemp clothing down to your children or relatives.

Hemp wears in. It doesn’t wear out like cotton t-shirts. The products we sell are manufactured by real people who operate sustainable farms and factories. We buy our products from people who truly care about improving the world through organic farming.

At the end of the day, most of your clothes come from a farm, and if they don’t- then they originated from some form of plastic. Don’t wear plastic, it’s not good for you. Wear hemp. Buy some today!

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