introduction to HEMP FIBER

Industrial Hemp is one of the most sustainable and renewable natural fibers available in today’s society. hemp fibers allow us to create stronger products than cotton. Our grade-a hemp fibers are 6x longer than grade-a cotton fibers. Plus with hemp, they are so much more sustainable than synthetic alternatives. The length of the hemp fiber ensures Our products won’t stretch out over time, like cotton or synthetic apparel.

We offer a complete line of eco-friendly, organic, hemp basics. All of OG Hemp Goods products are mechanically processed, we do this to keep our products sustainable, and to ensure that all of the amazing natural features are intact. These amazing features, like quick drying, moisture resistance, and sun protection from skin cells that would otherwise be damaged without the natural hemp fiber protection!

all of these benefits are combined into one natural fabric with industrial hemp. Through our work to make industrial hemp more accessible and approachable to americans, we’re optimistic that hemp will become an everyday staple for shoppers

we’re sure that it will become an everyday staple for shoppers who value organic, sustainably sourced fashion. Those that want to improve the greenness of their wardrobe without sacrificing style should shop OG Hemp Goods hoodies,

og hemp goods collection of zip up hoodies

More than ever before we need sustainable textile solutions

do your part by purchasing clothes made from 100% organic materials, like these wonderful hemp hoodies available on faire market.

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We provides an amazing selection of tees, Hoodies, Hats, and tote bags, so there’s something available no matter what you need!

We recommend wearing a breathable and sustainable tee shirt because what touches your skin matters. Our customers rave about how they can immediately feel the difference when wearing og hemp Goods, which has moisture wicking properties for an excellent fit against their body’s natural curves with much more comfort than other materials.

Andrew Fisher in our natural unisex hemp tee

A great way of getting started on this journey towards sustainability would be by purchasing some eco-hemp shirts wholesale from our faire market site.

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