Hemp Goods Distribution

Our Custom Water Based Ink Printing Process

  • Durable and stretchable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Ink does not fade or crack
  • Tested for over 50+ washes
  • Unlimited Color and gradients
  • Water Based Ink

How We Can Help You?

SPF 15 Protection

By processing the fibers in a natural and mechanical way, Hemp Fiber products retain their amazing benefits like providing UV-A and UV-B protection from the sun. Hemp protects you everywhere you go.

Moisture Wicking

Hemp is a material that wicks away moisture from your body, helping keep you comfortable when working hard or going out. On top of being super absorbent and breathable, hemp also doesn’t itch!

Naturally Breathable

True industrial hemp fiber is a more breathable fabric that helps regulate your body temperature whether you are running hot or cold. This means that it’s great for people in warm and cool climates!

Anti Bacterial

Hemp is a naturally antibacterial fiber, with anti-odor properties. Hemp also has a natural resistance to mold and mildew which makes it great for Athletes who sweat profusely during exercise

We believe that by educating Americans on the natural and organic benefits of natural hemp fibres, we can assist society in utilizing sustainable products that looks good, feel good, and provide a low impact on the planet.

Our natural hemp products

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